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Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you can!

Contact .ppl Solutions, Inc. to qualify and work as an independent contractor. Work on your own time and make as much as you want!

  • Fill in the registration form below. A .ppl manager will contact you to discuss the details of the referral program as an independent contractor.

  • All qualified referrers should be registered as an independent contractor.

Step 2: Refer

Once the agreement has been signed and formalized, our bona fide independent contractor referrals are now tagged under the referrer and referral incentives will become available for the next 12 months! CONDITIONS DO APPLY.

  • To be eligible for incentives, your referred company must sign a contract with .ppl Solutions, Inc., with at least one full time staff, to be employed as a full time employee. Employees to be hired under project or short term engagement will not be eligible for a referral incentive.


  • Referral of existing customers or leads, is not considered valid. Referrals must be new customers, who have no existing engagement with .ppl Solutions, Inc. Previous clients of .ppl Solutions, Inc., but no longer on active status and has no existing project with .ppl Solutions, Inc., is considered a valid referral as long as conditions are met.,


Quick turnaround! Referrals are validated within 24-48 hours! .ppl Solutions, Inc. will confirm referral validity through an authorized email. Please note that validation is for qualification purposes only and not for the confirmation of your incentives.

  • The Referral Incentive is paid monthly and based on the active number of staff employed through the referred company within the first 12 months.

One referral and you may be paid for a year! CONDITIONS APPLY.

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