.ppl Solutions, Inc.

About Us

Outstanding solutions delivered
by amazing PEOPLE.

Nurturing a culture of people that supports people is what our leaders took to heart through their combined 100+ years of working in the industry.

.ppl Solutions, Inc. was built with the vision of supporting likeminded problem-solvers who strive for excellence and have fun in the process.  We provide many growth opportunities through robust trainings and workshops to bring out their best self yet.

What this means to you as our client is that you have fun-loving transformative people who are ready to take on your challenges and driven to deliver ultimate client and customer satisfaction. As your expert partner, we will guide you in your outsourcing journey as you enable your business strategies

Ready To Make an Impact?

Our Mission

We are committed to help our clients achieve their business goals by harnessing the power of human connections – collaborating with our professionals
to deliver excellent results.

Our commitment to our clients is that we will listen and provide the right support.

To our people, we strive for positive employee experience that opens opportunities while having fun.

Our Vision

We envision .ppl Solutions, Inc. to be the partner of choice for clients looking for market-leading solutions and employees seeking to develop their careers.

We believe that everyone has the right to be supported – our people and our clients – and we want that experience to be easy, convenient, cost-effective, and fully satisfied.

Our Values

We are a people-centric company, committed to build a positive work environment for everyone.

We respect our people and their ideas. We enable collaboration and inspire our people to innovate.

We are customer-focused, always driven to excel and provide outstanding results. We are also agile, able to respond to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We lead by example and with empathy. We teach our people to always act with integrity.


Created by founders and leaders with a combined 100+ years of experience in delivering client and customer satisfaction, .ppl Solutions, Inc. is here to deliver the outsourcing solution and drive your business growth. We have team of experts equipped to guide you with your journey, from discovery to delivery.

Joey Lianko

Chief Operating Officer / Co-founder

Tina Loneza

Chief People Officer / Co-founder

Roschelle Del Rosario​

Head of Workforce Management and
Business Intelligence

Rafael Dayalo

Head of Technology

Karen Clarissa Porras

Project Manager