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The Philippines is an amazing country with equally outstanding people. Filipinos are known around the world for their friendliness, positive attitude, and being service oriented. They smile at the face of challenges and quickly adapt to situations. They are avid learners and English is almost second nature to them. They are a nation of proud and skilled people.

Filipinos are a perfect choice for your business. They are hospitable, agile, driven, adaptable, and empathic. They care for your business as they care for their families. Choose the Philippines and experience working with game changers and a culture of always striving for excellence.

Offshoring and outsourcing is assigning or consigning some aspects of business operations to a service provider in another country. Businesses of any size can opt to engage in offshoring or outsourcing with the intent to reduce cost, streamline processes, increase efficiency and productivity, giving them the opportunity to focus on other equally important parts of their businesses.

Although they share a common goal of employing the best talent to push for your business agenda, offshoring and outsourcing are two different strategies:


  • You can select your own qualified team members based on your skill requirements and job description.
  • Team members will follow your processes and procedures.
  • Have direct control over team members’ performance and compensation.


  • Team members are hired by your provider based on the qualifications and skills agreed upon to perform the outsourced work.
  • The provider may recommend enhancements in your processes and procedures
  • The outsourcing company manages staff performance and productivity to ensure that committed client service levels are met.

3E’s of Outsourcing


Typically, it results in staff cost reduction. The cost of labor for outsourced or offshored talents is lower compared to your onshore people.

Efficient and Effective

Outsourcing / Offshoring may lead to improvements to your workflow that promotes efficiency and productivity. Policies and processes are constantly reviewed to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Evolving and Elevating

As you expand your business, new capabilities are required to support your optimized process and to drive up your profitability. Outsourcing / Offshoring allows you to scale as you reach different levels of strategic partnerships and elevate standards of operating business models.

We have the right people.

Our leaders have more than 60 years of combined experience in the BPO industry. They earned in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of the offshoring and outsourcing industry by working with local and global teams.

.ppl Solutions, Inc. is also the place for driven and outstanding people. Our professionals work collaboratively and thrive in our culture of success. They work in an environment that promotes well-being and surrounded by people who share the same ideology of “Happy .ppl create Happy Customers”

.ppl Solutions, Inc.’s TRI-ACE Team is a special action team that will assist you transition your business. This team is composed of process analysts and managers, business consultants and other experts with extensive years of experience that ensures an effective and winning ramp.

We will listen to your needs and will partner with you every step of the way – from mapping processes, creating integrated frameworks, and designing robust and dynamic business solutions – until project implementation.

Whether you partner with .ppl Solutions, Inc. for an outsourcing or offshoring model, our TRI-ACE team will be there to transform your business.

Every partnership starts with choosing the right partner, a trusted industry partner who will treat your business as their own.

At .ppl Solutions, Inc. we make a commitment to our clients to provide a solution and create our framework of success for their outsourcing  journey through our 3Ds framework – Discover, Design, and Deliver.

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